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It’s Halloween!

Tonight’s the night that ghosts and spirits are supposed to be wandering the earth – though in fact you’re far more likely to meet scores of kids wandering the neighbourhood trick or treating.  Halloween is a great night for parties, scary films and all things creepy. We’ve got a few monsters here at Prime ScratchCards and you can bet that they’ll be out and about tonight.

BIG HINT: Esmeralda could be a very good game to play tonight…

Esmeralda the Prime Witch loves Halloween and is already casting her spell over several of today’s winners at Prime ScratchCards.

Esmeralda is a great FUN scratch card that allows you to play up to 8 pairs at once and take a 25p bet all the way up to a

Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

There are all kinds of monsters on the loose tonight at Memory Madness, another crazy game that’s loads of fun and really exciting to play. When you play this ultimate scratch card you can select an amazing 12 pairs to bet on and almost guarantee an INSTANT CASH PRIZE!

If the Memory Madness crew aren’t gruesome enough, you can always check out the ogres and dragons from Forces of Terra and Legend of Terra. No fancy dress costume or trick or treat mask will even come close to this lot for sheer horrible ugliness!

The Ogres may not be pretty to look at, but if you can find 5 of them together you could be the next BIG WINNER at Prime ScratchCards. Winning a massive PRIME JACKPOT would be the perfect way to celebrate Halloween!

We’ve got a funny feeling that tonight’s going to be a very special night for some of out Lucky Players. Certain games might just be about to pay out in a big way……

We hope you have a great Halloween, especially if you’re off to a party tonight or you’re making pumpkin lanterns with the kids. Take care if you’re trick or treating and don’t forget to log in and try your luck with some Prime Monsters or the amazing Prime Witch Esmeralda.


Unleash the Forces of Terra


Get Ready for the Forces of Terra!

There’s a Brand New Game out today at Prime ScratchCards; it’s an exciting sequel to an existing game that’s already a massive hit with scratch card fans!

Forces of Terra follows on from the superb fantasy game Legend of Terra and takes you back to a dangerous world of monsters, magic and warrior heroes.  Forces of Terra is a fast and exciting scratch card game with some really amazing graphics and loads of  great Instant Cash Prizes. Not only is it a top quality game, but it’s easy to play and loads of fun!

Forces of Terra begins in a Wizard’s Castle somewhere in the mountains. There are 5 portals for summoning the inhabitants of this fantasy world – and if you can call 3 or more of the same creatures you could win the golden treasure in the form of a Massive


To try and win the life changing PRIME JACKPOT all you have to do is click to place your bet then click PLAY.

As soon as you click SCRATCH ALL 5 creatures will appear; they could be Dragons, Ogres, Warriors or Wizards. If three of the same characters appear  together you’re a winner. If  there are suddenly 5 of the same you could win X20 your original bet!

We love Fantasy Games at Prime ScratchCards and our design team are always looking out for great New Games that will give our players hours of fun and a real chance to win top Cash Prizes.  If you like brand new Forces of Terra, be sure to check out the game that inspired it: Legend of Terra. There are now dozens of  fast moving fantasy games at Prime ScratchCards and our Fantasy Section is growing all the time.

Remember: you can play Legend of Terra and Forces of Terra right now!

If you dare..

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