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Candy Tale

Game of the Month!

Easter Sunday is almost here, which means chocolate eggs! We’ve already got a special Easter game lined up for our scratch card fans, but we’re going to get you into the chocolate mood today with Game of the Month Candy Tale. Somewhere in the forest is a gingerbread house and an amazing 9 square chocolate scratch card. If you think this mouthwatering game looks good enough to eat – you’re right! Even more appetizing is the huge £100,000 Prime Jackpot that could be hidden behind the chocolate!


Welcome to Chocoholic Heaven!

You can play Candy Tale for just 50p a card and win Cash Prizes all day long (and right through the night too).

Scratch to uncover winning symbols like the multicolored lolly and a pink Gummi Bear. If you find a line of 3 you win an Instant Cash Prize or even a massive PRIME JACKPOT!

There’s also a great multiplier that can boost your winnings x10 with a single click and could make Easter 2013 really special. A Prime Jackpot will keep you in chocolate for the rest of your life – not to mention other little things like buying a new car or a dream holiday….

Candy Tale is a really fun game that every sweet toothed scratch cards player will love – it’s got all the special ingredients to make a perfect treat: fantastic graphics, fun theme and loads of cash prizes. Scratch and win!

There’s another great game almost ready for launch at Prime ScratchCards, it’ll be out VERY soon, so keep logging in and check your inbox for more info. We’ll also be doing something exciting for Easter; don’t miss out! For all our UK players who are stuck at home because of the cold and the snow: stay warm and keep safe and come and play at Prime ScratchCards. The chance of a £100,000 Prime Jackpot will soon warm you up!



Candy Tale – September’s Great Game

Game of the Month!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth Candy Tale is definitely the game for you. It’s September’s Game of the Month and one of the all time fun games at Prime ScratchCards!

Last week saw all the kids back to school – and some peace and quiet for parents. Candy Tale is a great game for anybody who never quite grew up (which is most of us) and still has a taste for sweets and chocolate. Candy Tale chocolate is chocolate with a difference – the slab of 9 squares could be hiding a  mouthwateringly massive


The winning symbols with Candy Tale are a multi coloured lolly and a pink Gummi Bear. If you find a line of 3 you win an Instant Cash Prize or even a massive PRIME JACKPOT!

Candy Tale is a classic Scratch Card game that’s both fun, exciting and easy to play. It has all the ingredients that make  Prime ScratchCards games the best you’ ll find anywhere – great graphics, ease of play and some fantastic Cash Prizes. There’s also an Autoplay and Show All function for players who like to speed things up.

But that’s not all – there is an amazing Multiplier that can boost your winnings up to x100

Remember: you can play Candy Tale for just 50p a card!

If you’re a chocaholic Candy Tale could be a very lucky game for you this month. It’s already paid out literally thousands of Instant Cash Prizes, but we’re still waiting for the 1st Big Winner. There’s a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT just waiting to be claimed. It could be yours….

Superstar Showdown is still running…..

Don’t forget that the amazing Superstar Showdown running right through September with a superb £15,000 Cash Prize still up for grabs!

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