Shopping Sunday

Treat Yourself to a Spot of Shopping!

It might already feel like winter with snow on the ground in some parts of England, but it’s still officially autumn. Treat yourself to our great shopping games and think of it as the autumn sales. Everybody loves spending money, but when you play at Prime ScratchCards you’ve also got a chance to win money. In fact, you could be the next lucky player to smash a massive £100,000 Jackpot!

5th Avenue is not only one of the world’s great shopping experiences, it’s also a fantastic 5 reel slots game with enough lines to pay out cash prizes in every direction. This is as stylish as slots come and there isn’t a better game for a shopoholic to play. If you love your luxuries you’ll be right at home with 5th Avenue. Designer handbags, glasses, hats, perfume and some heavy duty bling can all make you rich!











If 5th Avenue doesn’t satisfy your cravings for the good things in life, you can jump straight over to Chic Boutique. The shelves are stacked with Instant Cash Prizes and some real bargains in the shape of Prime Jackpots. This is another fast and fun 5 reel slots game that just keeps on paying out. Chic Boutique is a cosmopolitan game that captures the experience of a shopping trip around the city’s top department stores.
There are some special surprises in the cash register at Chic Boutique – at least one lucky customer could be leaving the store with a £100,000 Prime Jackpot – enough money to fund the spending spree of a lifetime!

We also love shopping at Prime ScratchCards and we’re working on some special offers for the coming shopping season – by which we mean Black Friday, the last minute Christmas sales and the January sales. Get ready for some seriously good promotions!














Have a Great Christmas Eve!

Have a Great Christmas Eve!

It’s the Christmas Eve and time to sit back and enjoy the holidays – unless of course you’re running around doing last minute shopping, preparing food, wrapping presents and worrying about 101 other things!

Why not take a break tonight and treat yourself to a Christmas Eve treat in the form of 2 fantastic Christmas games at Prime ScratchCards. Not only do you deserve some quality time to yourself, but you could be quids in for the New Year if you win a PRIME JACKPOT – or even some Instant Cash Prizes.

If you hit the Big Time with Christmas Joy you could be the Lucky Player who wins the awesome

£2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

This is a really exciting prize, there aren’t all that many JACKPOTS of this size out there; and very few come with games that are as much fun as Christmas Joy. This is a classic scratch card that promises a whole tree full of presents – you’ll be unwrapping Instant Cash Prizes as soon as you start playing this special Christmas game!

Get Ready for Father Christmas!

If anybody tries to tell you that there’s no such thing as Santa and that he doesn’t come down the chimney, don’t believe them! Santa’s right here at Prime ScratchCards with a whole sleigh full of gifts for our players. You just have to guide him down the right chimney, because there are 3 to choose from….

Win a Prime Jackpot with CHRISTMAS!

Whatever you’re up to tonight; whether it’s a family evening at home, or you’re off to a party or out on the town, we hope you have a great night. If you played Christmas Joy this week don’t forget to check your email. You’ll have automatically be entered in the FREE GOLDEN RAFFLE and could be in line for a big surprise if you’ve won one of our fantastic FREE PRIZES! Don’t forget that we’re giving away brand new  Iphones, massive 3D TVs and a skiing holiday for 2!

Remember: On Boxing Day we’re giving away £15,000!

One for the Ladies


There’s a Brand New Game about to be launched at

Prime ScratchCards

and it’s definitely one for the ladies!

Dress Up Diva is a superb 3 reel slot game that is all about clothes – and all about CASH PRIZES – and we already know that it’s going to be a big hit with our female fans!

Classic 3 reel slots are some of the most popular games at Prime ScratchCards, which is why our design team selected the format for our very 1st Ladies Only Game. Like all our games Dress Up Diva is really easy to play and a LOT of fun!

Simply click to place a bet then click SPIN.

There’s some serious money waiting to be won with Dress Up Diva - both in Instant Cash Prizes and massive


Some of our Lucky Ladies will be heading out on major shopping sprees in the near future (that’s the kind of shopping spree where you have to convert the spare room into a walk in closet, just to hold all the clothes you’re about to get).

We’re launching new games all the time at Prime ScratchCards and if Dress Up Diva is as much of a success as we think it’s going to be, you’ll be seeing a lot more Lady’s Games this year.

Don’t Miss Our Amazing Free Raffle!

You could be our next Big Winner with Dress Up Diva!

Win a Shopping Spree at Argos!

Win a Shopping Spree at Argos!

We’re running another great free competition at Prime ScratchCards
And this time the prize is a shopping spree at Argos!

No Limits!

The ARGOS RAFFLE is a great competition because everything is done for you -

No tricky questions, no captions to guess, no forms to fill in….all you have to do is make a deposit at

Prime ScratchCards

And you’ll automatically be entered in the raffle. The best part of the deal is that there are absolutely no limits to how many tickets you can have. Every time you make a deposit in your account we’ll enter another ticket in the raffle for you!

Every fortnight we’ll draw 4 tickets at random and our lucky players will be off to Argos with £600 worth of vouchers to spend on anything they want.*

Why Argos?

We chose Argos because it’s the store that sells (almost) everything. Whatever you like there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to find it in Argos, and wherever you are in the UK, there is probably a store somewhere near you.

If you’re one of our winners you’ll be spoiled for choice: Kitchen, Garden, Sports Gear, Electronics, Toys, Jewellery…..

It’s all there waiting……

Don’t miss out on this great free competition!

We love free comps and raffles at Prime ScratchCards and we’re going to be running a lot more as we build up to the Easter Holidays. Don’t forget to check back regularly to see what you can win – and to see what our Lucky Winners did with their prizes!

*Terms and Conditions apply. Offer is open to UK residents only.

Around the World with Prime ScratchCards 2


Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards!

 The Prime ScratchCards World Tour Continues!

We’re off on the 2nd leg of our Prime ScratchCards World Tour and leaving behind the humid Central American jungle and the Lost Maya to jump to the

 ‘most expensive street in the world’

New York’s glitzy 5th Avenue the famous shoppers paradise in the heart of Manhattan.


5th Avenue is a superb 5 reel slots game that brings on the bling and the Instant Cash Prizes as fast as you can click PLAY. Get the right combination of jewellery, handbags, perfume or designer glasses and you could be going home with a massive



Check out the Amazing 9 Lines that could send you on the biggest shopping spree of your life!


You can play 5th Avenue for just 10p a spin!




5th Avenue means style and luxury and you’ll have plenty of both if you’re our next Big Winner. If you win a PRIME JACKPOT you could be on the next flight to New York ready to embark on the spending spree of a lifetime! Our hottest shopping game comes with a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT that is waiting to be won 24/7

You’ll find shops belonging to some of the worlds best know brands on 5th Avenue; Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cartier, Gucci, Armani, Versace and many others…

Someone will get lucky, and it might be you who’s off to the Big Apple for real in 2011, with some serious cash to spend!

It’s Black Friday!


It’s Black Friday – The 1st Day of the

Christmas Shopping Season!


Black Friday is an American Tradition that has spread across the Atlantic and is already well known to the thousands of British shoppers who fly to America every year to snap up bargains in the Christmas sales. All the big stores see a rush of eager people surging through the doors in search of great deals on Christmas presents. Sometimes it gets so crazy that people camp on the pavements overnight to be first in line when the shops open!

You can get into the Black Friday mood at Prime ScratchCards with 2 fantastic shopping games that might just make your dreams come true.

Check out 5th Avenue and Chic Boutique where the shelves are stocked full of the latest designer gear and the till is full of


Play either game and you could finance the shopping spree of a lifetime when you win £100,000!

Chic Boutique is the Prime ScratchCards shopping experience where you can get a taste of what it feels like to spend your winnings.  This sophisticated 5 reel slot allows you to play up to 9 lines and place MAX BETS.  The Chic Boutique till is stocked full of Instant Cash Payouts and has a seriously stylish PRIME PAYTABLE. The massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT will allow our winners a real life shopping spree that most people can only dream of!

Chic Boutique might be a classy establishment but you can still play for just a 10p a time and watch your bank balance rise every time you win!

TOP TIP: The diamond bracelet is WILD and the mobile phone is your SCATTER CARD. 

Play both these superb 5 reel slots games for just 10p a spin!



5th Avenue is a very classy game with an amazing Prime Paytable that can boost your winnings all the way to the

£100,000 limit! This superb 5 reel slot uses all the bling, perfumes, handbags and designer wear as winning symbols and will take you straight to the luxury shopping experience of  a lifetime!

Why not play 5th Avenue and be our next Big Winner!