Get Ready for the Next Royal Wedding!

Get Ready for the Next Royal Wedding!

If you enjoyed watching the recent Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, you’re in for another treat on Friday. One of Europe’s most eligible bachelors will finally be taking the plunge. Prince Albert II of Monaco will be marrying the South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock in a civil ceremony on Friday and a religious one on Saturday. By all accounts it’s going to be a massive party. Not only is there a major celebrity guest list, but there will be a concert by Jean Michel Jarre and a massive fireworks display. Monaco will definitely be the place to be next weekend!

You can get a Share of the Glamour at Prime ScratchCards!

Monaco Glamour is a great 5 Reel Slots game that can  take you all the way to a Massive


Monaco is one of the biggest and most exciting casino centres in the world – and it’s also one of the most glamorous. We take you straight to the luxurious atmosphere of the high stakes gaming tables and all the glitz of the high rollers.


When you play Monaco Glamour the first thing you need to do is check out the amazing PRIME PAYTABLE and see how your spins can be played up to a major INSTANT CASH PAYOUT.

The symbols that will really boost your winnings are the WILD, SCATTER & BONUS  seen bellow. Get the right combination and you could boost your original bet up to X10,000!

Hit a PRIME JACKPOT and you could be taking a break in Monaco to play the casinos for real. While you’re there you could check out the great restaurants and night life, enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine and even watch the annual Grand Prix. Monaco is less than a 2 hour flight from the UK and has plenty of top hotels.

Get Paid to Play Casino Games!

Get Paid to Play Casino Games!

We’re continuing with the amazing 100th Game Challenge that celebrates 100 superb games at

Prime ScratchCards!

The 100th Game Challenge is a great Free Bonus that allows YOU to play with OUR money – and experience all kinds of fun games that you may not have played before.  All you have to do is check your email and claim your Free £25 Bonus every week.

The way it works is really simple – we send you a list of 25 games to play every week – you have fun and win

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And we give you a £25 Free Bonus as well!

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It’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll get to try out some of our top quality Casino Games when you take up the

100th Game Challenge. It doesn’t matter if your an experienced Poker hand or an absolute beginner – you’ll love the genuine casino atmosphere and excitement of games like; Royal Poker, Roulette and Jacks or Better. A lot of successful card players started out by learning the basics with our Instant Win Games!

If you like dice or numbers games you can’t go wrong with Hi Lo Fever and Scratch N Roll

No matter what game you play, there is always a Massive


Waiting for a Lucky Winner!

Remember: 1 in Every 3 Cards is a Guaranteed Winner!

Check back tomorrow to find out more about

Prime ScratchCards Sports Games

It’s a Royal Weekend!

It’s a Royal Weekend at Prime ScratchCards!

The big day is finally here and the Royal Wedding is about to take place in Westminster Abbey. We’re getting into the spirit of things and celebrating our very own Royal Weekend here at Prime ScratchCards.

We’ve got 3 great Royal Games for you to play this weekend and the 1st is the amazing

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding is a classic scratch card game that pays out a massive


It’s also THE game to play this weekend because we’ve got it feeling it could be VERY lucky for at least 1 of our players…

The Next Royal Game is:

Royal Poker is a fast and fun version of Poker that comes with the authentic casino atmosphere and promises some big payouts. This is a great game for anybody who enjoys cards, or wants to learn the basics of Poker.

The 3rd Royal Game is a superb 3 reel slots!

Royal Slots is a top quality 3 machine, 3 reel slots game that just doesn’t stop paying out. We know that a lot of our scratch card fans love slots games – and Royal Slots is one of the best!

Look out for the traditional symbols like 777,  BAR ,Grapes, Cherries and Bells

We’d like to wish the Royal Couple and all our players at Prime ScratchCards a great weekend!

It’s the Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Biggest Wedding of the Century!

It’s the Big Day Tomorrow for Prince William and Kate Middleton. The rehearsals are over and (almost) everything is in place. I’ve a feeling that there are going to be some very nervous people in London tonight. Getting married is stressful enough, but doing it in front of half the planet must be a nightmare. Not to mention all the soldiers who’ll be up half the night, putting the finishing touches to their uniforms; and wondering if they’ll make a mistake in front of the cameras tomorrow.

Big Winner?

The main question here at Prime ScratchCards is if we’ll have a Big Winner tomorrow. We know that the lucky game will be:

We haven’t had a Big Winner yet with Royal Wedding. Although a lot of players have pulled in some very nice Instant Cash Prizes, nobody has won the massive

£100,000 Prime Jackpot

Or even the amazing

£50,000 Prime Jackpot

There’s a lot of speculation that tomorrow could be when it happens. There are also some rumours floating around the office that there will be a few special surprises when people play Royal Wedding tomorrow…..

Everybody at Prime ScratchCards would like to wish the Royal Couple a perfect day tomorrow; and a long and happy life together.

And to everybody who’s playing Royal Wedding ……. good luck as well!

Prime Countdown……

Just 2 Weeks Until the Big Day…..

It’s just 2 weeks until the Royal Wedding - possibly the biggest social event of the decade – when everybody who is anybody will be invited to join the celebrations in London. But that’s not the only date we’re counting down to at Prime ScratchCards; in 10 days it’ll be Easter Sunday and kids (of all ages) will be going crazy for Easter eggs and chocolate!

We’ve got some surprises planned for both of these special days. Without giving the game away, it will involve making some scratch card fans very happy indeed!

If you can’t wait until the Royal Wedding or Easter Sunday to win a Free Competition, don’t forget that you’re getting a Free Raffle Ticket every time you make a deposit at Prime ScratchCards. That means that every time you put money in your account you’ll automatically be entered in the superb Argos £150 Free Prize Draw!

We’re giving away £600 worth of Argos vouchers to our lucky Prime ScratchCards fans every fortnight!

All the raffle tickets are free and there’s no limit to how many you can have. You could be off to Argos on a shopping spree every two weeks. 

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

With just 22 days to go until the most talked about social event of the year, Prime ScratchCards is getting into the spirit with a Brand New Game to celebrate the coming wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Royal Wedding is a classic scratch card that can pay out a princely £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

We’ve got all kinds of Instant Win games at Prime ScratchCards; Slots, Casino Games, Sports and many more. But we always make sure that we have plenty of great scratch cards for you to play, and Royal Wedding is going to be one of the best!

Play 3 Lines!

You can play up to 3 lines at once with Royal Wedding and triple your chances of winning an Instant Cash Prize or even a

Massive PRIME JACKPOT. Because Royal Wedding is a Brand New Game we haven’t had a Big Winner yet. If you want to be the first, simply click to choose your card price, and click again to choose the number of lines you want to play. If you want a fast and exciting game click PLAY MAX and AUTOPLAY!

Remember: You can play Royal Wedding for just 25p a card!

The 2 big events in the near future are the Royal Wedding and the Easter Holidays. We’ve got big plans for both here at Prime Scratch Cards. There are going to be some Great Give Aways, Free Competitions and Special Deals as we get ready to celebrate. Keep checking back to see what’s on offer.

If you haven’t already joined us on Facebook now is a great time to do so. We’ll be advertising some must have freebies on our page, as well as all the rumour, news and gossip!

Favourite Games of 2010


As 2010 draws to a close we’ve got almost 100 superb games at Prime ScratchCards, and with so many different kinds of games to chose from, there really is something for everyone!

As soon as you enter the site you can choose games from our; Most Popular, Fantasy, Sports, Casino and Scratch sections and begin playing to win.


2010 has been a great year at Prime ScratchCards; we’ve had a lot of big winners and made several of our players very happy indeed when they won life changing PRIME JACKPOTS!

We’ve also continued with our commitment to bring you the very best Flash games and cash prizes.  Check out some of the favorites of 2010:

Top of the list has to be the amazing 3WOW! game with a massive £1,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT.

3WOW! has been a really popular game, attracting loads of players who are determined to win £1,000,000 and love the fast and simple format of this classic scratch card game.

Another Big Hit this Year has been Jungle Joy


Jungle Joy is another classic scratch card that has proved a big hit with our fans this year. 9 panels hide a variety of cheeky jungle animals – match 3 to win an Instant Cash Prize. Quite a few people already won big prizes playing Jungle Joy!

The Most Popular Sports Game was World Champions

Given that 2010 was a World Cup year we’re not really surprised that World Champions was the most played sports game! It was definitely a really popular game right through the summer, and football fans carried on scoring cash prizes all year with this great game.

We all Love Slots Games!

We all love slots games and Prime ScratchCards wouldn’t be the fantastic site that it is without our range of top 3 and 5 reel slots games! There were 3 especially popular slots games this year:

Players loved Egyptian Magic, Royal Slots and Cafe Paris, all of these superb slots games produced big winners in 2o10 and probably will do next year as well! Royal Slots is a classic old style 3 reel slots game that uses traditional fruit machine symbols – proving that there are some things that just can’t be improved upon.

The Best Casino Game had to be Royal Poker!

Royal Poker combines all the excitement of a poker game with the easy fun of a scratch card. A lot of players told us that they found it a great introduction to poker and went on to master the basics of the game and start playing in tournaments. This is a game with a touch of luxury and is deservedly popular.

What was your Favourite Game of 2010?

Let us know which game you most enjoyed playing in 2010 – and why. We’ll print the best replies here on the Blog and send you a surprise prize in the New Year!


Super 7


Make 7 Your Lucky Number!

Super 7 is a superb old style 3 reel slots game at Prime ScratchCards that allows you to play 3 machines at once and triples your chances of winning!


The lucky number is 7 and will bring you Instant Cash Prizes or even a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

But look out for Cherries, BAR, and other fruit because if you get a line of 3 you’ll also win. 

To play Super 7 simply click to choose your card price then click the machine you think is a winner – or click SCRATCH ALL. If you want a fast and exciting game click AUTOPLAY.  Super 7 allows you to place bets between 50p and £10 depending how adventurous you feel!

Remember: You can play Super 7 for just 50p a game!


We know that there are a lot of players who love the old style slots, which is why Prime ScratchCards will always run several 3 and 5 reel slots games with the traditional symbols and loads of fast INSTANT CASH PAYOUTS.

 On average 1 in every 3 of our fun and exciting slots games is a guaranteed winner – meaning that you can keep on playing!

If you enjoyed Super 7 be sure to try Monte Carlo, The Grand Crown and Royal Slots 3 more great slots games that bring you the very best online gaming experience!

Royal Slots



Win a Royal Jackpot with Royal Slots!

Prime ScratchCards has taken a classic 3 reel slots game and placed it in a palatial setting for the superb Royal Slots game. You can play up to 3 machines at once – tripling your chances of winning a massive PRIME JACKPOT!

Royal Slots is a definite favourite with everybody who enjoys the old fashioned slot machine experience with the traditional winning symbols such as BAR, oranges, 7, and cherries. Spin the right combination and you could be the next lucky player to win our amazing £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT – one of the biggest scratch card prizes available online!


To play Royal Slots simply click BET, choose which machines you want to play and click SPIN. Your winnings will be displayed automatically on the screen!  There are thousands of INSTANT CASH PRIZES every hour, waiting to be paid straight into your account balance; or perhaps you’ll be our next big winner and make your dreams come true with a PRIME JACKPOT.

Remember: You can play Royal Slots for just 25p a spin!

Another amazing value game from Prime ScratchCards.

If you liked Royal Slots be sure to check out our Slots Section and Casino Scratch Section where we have over 40 top quality slots and casino games just waiting for winners.

Scratch N’ Roll



Get Ready to Shake the Dice with

Scratch N’ Roll


Scratch N’ Roll is the superb Prime ScratchCards dice game that pays out up to £100,000 to any lucky player who hits the PRIME JACKPOT!


Every time you play Scratch N’ Roll you get 3 chances to win an Instant Cash Payout or massive, life changing PRIME JACKPOT. Simply click to choose your card price then click ROLL to roll the dice. If the numbers on the dice match one of the prizes you’re a winner! Your cash prize will be displayed on the screen and credited straight into your account balance.

Remember: You can now play Scratch N’ Roll for just 50p a card!


If you liked Scratch N’ Roll be sure to check out the other games in the Prime ScratchCards Casino Games section. We especially recommend Royal Poker, Lucky 21 and Poker King 3 great games with all the atmosphere of a luxury casino and the fast fun of a scratch card.




Scratch N’ Roll – Another Great Casino Game From

Prime ScratchCards