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Game of the Month – Outer Space


Reach for the Stars with Outer Space!

October’s game of the month at Prime ScratchCards is Outer Space. It’s a great game that doesn’t get usually get a lot of mentions – which is a pity because it’s produced some Big Winners and is loads of fun to play.  Some of the less well known games often pack superb surprises and are definitely worth checking out. Outer Space could be a game that makes at least one of our Lucky Players very happy this month……

Like all our games at Prime ScratchCards, Outer Space offers an amazing top prize of  a massive


Outer Space is a classic scratch card game that also plays as a 3 reel slot. You can bet on up to 6 machines at once and boost your chances of winning a life changing PRIME JACKPOT as you orbit  many miles above the earth.  The winning symbols are METEORITES, ASTRONAUTS, ALIENS, FLYING SAUCERS , SATELLITES and many more. If you get 3 identical symbols you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize.

If you like fun and fast moving games with great graphics; you’ll LOVE Outer Space. It’s easy to play and delivers a lot of winning cards – in fact 1 in every 3 cards is a guaranteed winner!

Remember: you can play Outer Space for just 25p a card!

If you’re new to Prime ScratchCards a great way to begin playing top games like Outer Space is to take advantage of our superb 5FREE promotional deal. If you’re a new player we’ll give you £5 absolutely free to play any games you want. £5FREE will give you 20 games of Outer Space and you get to keep all your winnings. Some of our Biggest Winners started playing with £5FREE and boosted their winnings all the way up to thousands of pounds worth of PRIME JACKPOTS!


Fast Hands

 Are Your Hands Fast Enough to Win £100,000?


 Rock-paper-scissors is a very old Chinese game that most of us played as children. You make a clenched fist and hold it in the air, on a count of 3 you bring it down and open it in the shape of either; a rock, scissors or paper.

Now Prime ScratchCards have created a 21st century online version that comes with a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT.


Fast Hands challenges you to compete with up to 6 other hands and gives you 3 chances to be a winner every time you play. There are loads of Instant Cash Prizes and an option for a really fast game if you click on Max Hands and Autoplay.

Rock beats Scissors- Scissors beats Paper- Paper beats Rock- Rock beats….

Remember you can play Fast Hands for just 25p a game!


 Fast Hands is a really addictive game so be warned – and at just 25p a hand you could be playing all day!

1 in every 3 hands is a guaranteed winner with instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS that go straight into your account balance. You can really have hours of fun with this game.


If you enjoyed Fast Hands why not check out other games in the Most Popular section of Prime ScratchCards? We especially recommend Road Racing, Crazy Cat and Outer Space.

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