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Game of the Month

We’re off to the Emerald Isle with the Prime Leprechaun!

October’s Game of the Month is an old favourite at Prime ScratchCards. 

Lucky Charms has been a popular game since it was launched and it’s been paying out a lot of Cash Prizes lately. A lot of players have had a great time recently, trying to to win the £100,000 Prime Jackpot from the Leprechaun. We’re featuring Lucky Charms as the Game of the Month and inviting you to try and outwit our cheeky Leprechaun.

Leprechauns are supposed to be tricky creatures who often take delight in mischief and playing practical jokes on the unwary. According to Irish legends Leprechauns are little men in green or red coats who spend their time making shoes and looking for buried treasure.  The story is that they hide their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.


The Prime Leprechaun is a lot friendlier than some of the little men from the old stories. If you get lucky, he’ll even share his pot of gold with you…

Lucky Charms is a fun scratch card and just the game to get you in the mood if you’re celebrating tonight. Hidden behind each Shamrock is a lucky symbol – if they match the prize you’re a winner. If the Leprechaun appears, you’re also going to be smiling because he guarantees a cash payout!

We don’t send pots of gold through the mail to our winners, but if you win a Prime Jackpot we’ll definitely transfer it to your account in the currency of your choice. The top prize is of course a massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot. It’s worth remembering that even a 25p scratch card can bring you a £2,500 prize with a single click – which would make for a great start to the week!

If you want to try your luck with Lucky Charms you can log on at any time and see what’s at the end of the rainbow. You don’t have to be Irish to win a cash prize from the Prime Leprechaun and this Weekend might just be the perfect time to try!



Game of the Month – Outer Space


Reach for the Stars with Outer Space!

October’s game of the month at Prime ScratchCards is Outer Space. It’s a great game that doesn’t get usually get a lot of mentions – which is a pity because it’s produced some Big Winners and is loads of fun to play.  Some of the less well known games often pack superb surprises and are definitely worth checking out. Outer Space could be a game that makes at least one of our Lucky Players very happy this month……

Like all our games at Prime ScratchCards, Outer Space offers an amazing top prize of  a massive


Outer Space is a classic scratch card game that also plays as a 3 reel slot. You can bet on up to 6 machines at once and boost your chances of winning a life changing PRIME JACKPOT as you orbit  many miles above the earth.  The winning symbols are METEORITES, ASTRONAUTS, ALIENS, FLYING SAUCERS , SATELLITES and many more. If you get 3 identical symbols you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize.

If you like fun and fast moving games with great graphics; you’ll LOVE Outer Space. It’s easy to play and delivers a lot of winning cards – in fact 1 in every 3 cards is a guaranteed winner!

Remember: you can play Outer Space for just 25p a card!

If you’re new to Prime ScratchCards a great way to begin playing top games like Outer Space is to take advantage of our superb 5FREE promotional deal. If you’re a new player we’ll give you £5 absolutely free to play any games you want. £5FREE will give you 20 games of Outer Space and you get to keep all your winnings. Some of our Biggest Winners started playing with £5FREE and boosted their winnings all the way up to thousands of pounds worth of PRIME JACKPOTS!




Make the Future Happen with Horoscope!

Horoscope is an amazing new game from Prime ScratchCards that lets you play with your own star sign and try your luck for a

Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Everybody loves to read their Horoscope and see what the stars hold in store for them. Now you can get a regular prediction and play a superb, amazing value scratch card game at the same time!

All you have to do to be a winner on Horoscope is find your chosen star sign 3 times in 5 scratch  panels. You can play up to 4 scratch cards at once and the Instant Cash Prizes just keep on coming. It doesn’t matter what your star sign is; they’re all there and you can find them simply by clicking on the bar:

Regular Prime ScratchCards fans will know that we don’t launch new games without a Special Promotion or two, so check your email today and tomorrow for details on how to get a special CASHBACK DEAL and how to play in the Horoscope Tournament…

If you’re not already registered with Prime ScratchCards – You’re Missing Out!

There’s even more good news, because we’re all set to launch even more top quality new games this month; October is going to be an exciting time at Prime ScratchCards. The games are becoming more and more exciting and fun to play and even more of our lucky players are becoming

Big Winners!

Remember: you can play Horoscope for just 10p a card!


Get Ready for an Exciting October!

Get Ready for an Exciting October

At Prime ScratchCards!

October begins this weekend and it’s going to be an exciting month at Prime ScratchCards. We’ll be getting off to a flying start by announcing the winner of the amazing Superstar Showdown that’s been running right through September. One of our lucky players will be £15,000 richer next week! If you took part in this fantastic free competition you could be that winner; we’ve a feeling that there’ll be some excited scratch card fans out there this weekend.  With just 3 months until Christmas £15,000 is going to come at just the right time for somebody…

Brand New Games!

We launched some great new games this month and got a really enthusiastic reaction to them from our players; Joker Poker has already got people hooked and Alfredo has been a big hit with his cash kitchen.  The good news is that there are even more games ready to be launched right through October. Our Design Team has been working overtime to bring you the very best new Flash Games. We can’t say too much about the new games yet, but the rumour is that one will be a very exciting fantasy game and one will feature a massive superstar!

Alfredo Cooks Up a Massive PRIME JACKPOT!

Anybody who’s already a Prime ScratchCards fan will know that we don’t launch new games without some top quality promotions to go with them. Stand by for some fun and exciting Free Competitions, Great Give Aways and Free Money to play our new games with. We’re ready for some BIG WINNERS this autumn!

As you get ready for some October Surprises at Prime ScratchCards, there’s still a chance to be the 1st Lucky Player to hit a Massive


Playing September’s new games; Alfredo, Joker Poker and Shoot ‘n Score!


Shoot ‘n Score!

Shoot a £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Basketball just arrived at Prime ScratchCards in the form of Shoot ‘n Score – a fantastic new Flash Game that gives you up to 5 chances to put the ball through the net and win a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Our Very Latest Sports Game

We’ve been launching New Games right through September at Prime ScratchCards; and there’s no way we’re leaving our sports fans out of the fun. Shoot ‘n Score is a great arcade version of basketball that allows you to test your skill and nerve with up to five throws at a time. You’ll win an Instant Cash Prize every time you put the ball through the hoop – that could mean 5 wins per game!

It’s really easy to play Shoot ‘n Score, all you have to do is decide how many shots you want to take and how much you want to bet. Click PLAY then click either SHOOT or SHOOT ALL and watch the ball fly towards the net. The Instant Cash Prizes just keep on coming…

Remember: you can play Shoot ‘n Score for just 25p a shot!

If you like Shoot ‘n Score be sure to check out the other great Sports Games at Prime ScratchCards; there’s football, darts, bowling, horse racing and many more to chose from.  We’re always ready for sports action, so you can play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Check back later to get a preview of the amazing new games and special promotions lined up for release right through October at Prime ScratchCards. It’s going to be a great autumn for scratch card fans!


Coming Soon at Prime ScratchCards

Coming Soon at Prime ScratchCards

A Look Ahead

The next big date at Prime ScratchCards is the Summer Bank Holiday, after that it’s just 4 months until Christmas.  But that doesn’t mean that the autumn is going to be boring!

We’ve got at least 4 new games lined up for release in September plus some great competitions and promotions. There are rumours in the office that October will be all about Halloween with a special creepy theme and some fantastic prizes to go with it…

There’s already a Prime Witch (and no shortage of monsters) who could be very busy as Halloween approaches!

Meet Esmeralda

Esmeralda is the Prime Witch who can cast a £100,000 spell!

And if she can’t get the job done, this lot definitely can….

Get Ready for Fireworks

After Halloween, the next event on the Prime Calendar will be Bonfire Night. We’re already planning a big competition and possibly a Brand New Game. You can stay one step ahead of the competition by joining Prime ScratchCards on Facebook and being the 1st to know about all the Great Give Aways, special deals and latest promotions. All you have to do is click:

Play the Featured Games Memory Madness and Esmeralda Right Now

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