Fruity Friends

Sometimes all you want from a game (apart from great graphics, loads of cash prizes and some excitement) is pure fun. Fruity Friends is a fun online slots game that you’ll love from the first spin. It’s definitely a game for people who don’t take life too seriously and is already a hit big with Prime ScratchCards fans.

Fruity Friends is might look cute, but it packs a few cool surprises; there are an amazing 25 lines, plus free spins and an exciting Bonus Round to boost your winnings and give you some extra thrills. There’s also a powerful Prime Paytable that sets out all the winning combinations, as well as Wild and Scatter; two top paying extras that will appear when you least expect them and carry you all the way to a fruity cash prize. When you play Fruity Friends it’s worth taking the time to check out the Prime Paytable – all 5 pages of it – there are loads of hidden extras in this game and you don’t want to miss out.


It might look crazy – but 25 lines is a high powered option that can push your winnings sky high!

You can play Fruity Friends for just 10p a spin – which means you can go up to 25 lines for just £2.50 – even a small initial bet can suddenly spin up to a massive Prime Jackpot! If the Free Spins and Bonus Rounds kick in you’ll really be ahead of the game.

Have a great weekend and if you play Fruity Friends we hope you’ll be a winner. There’s another great game coming up next week at Prime ScratchCards, so check your Inbox and don’t miss out!


Play Cubis – Our Amazing New Game!

There’s a wild new game out at Prime ScratchCards and it could make you rich!

Cubis is the latest game at Prime ScratchCards and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There are scores of multi coloured three dimensional cubes lined up ready to go; click play and they start moving. If you’re lucky 4 or more of the same cubes stack up into a winning combination. That’s when the fun really starts, because the cubes explode and more fall into place, boosting your winnings again!

When you play Cubis, watch out for WILD cubes and BOMB cubes. They explode onto the screen when you least expect them and earn you even more prize money!

Win up to x10,000 your Original Bet

There are 15 different paylines on Cubis and you can win up to X 10,000 your original bet! This is a game that you will just want to keep on playing; it’s really easy to get the hang of and is full of surprises.

Like all our games, Cubis comes with a Prime Paytable. The Instant Cash Prizes start with the Yellow Cubes and go all the way up to Diamond Cubes that pay out some serious cash. Look out for Wild Dice that substitute for other cubes and can send your paylines sky high. Normally Nuclear Bombs are very bad news, but don’t run for shelter if you see one on Cubis; it could make you rich!


If you like Cubis you’ll love the great games that we’ve got ready for you in September. There are some really exciting new releases coming up next month. Don’t forget to check your inbox or visit us on Facebook to be the first to hear all the news at Prime ScratchCards!

Joker Poker


Joker Poker

There’s an amazing Brand New Game out at Prime ScratchCards called Joker Poker and it comes with a superb money boosting Prime Promotion!

As the Superstar Showdown continues right through the month of September, we’re releasing a series of great new games and the 1st is Joker Poker!

Win £100,000!

Joker Poker is a fun and exciting card game with loads of great features and a generous Prime Paytable that will definitely make you come back for more.  In case that’s not enough, The Joker has an ace up his sleeve ; if you make 3 deposits* he’ll match them with a mystery Cash Bonus – and it’ll be bigger every time!

Joker Poker is a card game with a difference; for a start there are 53 cards in the deck – 1 of which is The Joker – and you can play up to 25 hands if you’re feeling adventurous!

You Can Play Joker Poker for just 5p a Hand!

You can win a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT playing Joker Poker and the Instant Cash Prizes just keep on coming. If you can find The Joker, he could make you into the very 1st Big Winner on Prime ScratchCards newest game.

Get ready for more fantastic new games – right through September!

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Crazy Ball gets a Brand New Look!

Crazy Ball gets a Brand New Look!

Crazy Ball is the pride of Prime ScratchCards Sports Section and it just got a superb brand new image.

It’s all go at Prime Scratchcards this month, as we introduce loads of Brand New Games and upgrade some old favourites to make them even more fun, exciting and crazy!

Crazy Ball is the latest game to get a makeover with excellent new graphics and some great surprises. Needless to say; the Instant Cash Prizes will just keep on coming….

Hit a £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Get to Grips with a Crazy Ball Right Now!

And Play to Win in the Prime Bowling Alley!

The new look Crazy Ball is still as easy to play as the original and continues to offer a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT as a top prize.  All you have to do is click to place a bet and click again to play. Send up to 3 balls spinning down the lanes and knock the pins flying!

If you’ve got a favourite Prime ScratchCards game that you want to see given a facelift, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll never ditch any of our games, because too many people love playing them – but we’re always on the look out for improvements.

August is already a busy month here with even more new releases lined up and several upgrades to existing games. Keep checking back to see what’s going on!

Super Bugs

Brand New Game

Super Bugs!

Check our Super Bugs – the latest fun game from Prime ScratchCards!

Super Bugs takes you straight to the bottom of the garden for a race with a difference. You get to choose up to 3 of our cute and crazy Super Bugs and send them down the track in search of a truly amazing


The new games at Prime ScratchCards just keep on getting better and better. Super Bugs is no exception – it’s a really fun game that’s been designed to be quick and easy to play and the graphics are superb.

Be the 1st Big Winner!

The Instant Cash Prizes are already being paid out every second with Super Bugs – but you could be the very 1st Big Winner with this superb Brand New Game!

There’s a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT just waiting to be won and sooner or later 1 of our Lucky Players will claim it…

Don’t forget that you can Double your Deposit if you want to play Super Bugs or more than 100 other great games at Prime ScratchCards!

The Joys of July Continue!

The Joys of July Continue!

We’re half way though July now and the Joys of July is continuing full on. There is another Brand New Game with a superb special promotion coming next week – but we can’t tell you any more about it just yet. You need to keep checking back here until the countdown begins!

There’s been a great response to our 2 recent Joys of July releases; Flowers of Spring and 3 Card Solitaire. The feedback on 3 Card Solitaire in particular has been amazing. Players love the game – and the fact that they can claim their winning and start a new game at any time. If you haven’t played 3 Card Solitaire you should definitely check it out. But be warned, once you start playing you may find it hard to stop!

Test Both Luck and Skill with 3 Card Solitaire!

3 Card Solitaire is the very first skill game at Prime ScratchCards. There’s an element of luck in the original cards that you’re dealt, but it’s how you play them that could win you a seriously huge Prime Jackpot.  The maximum win rate with 3 Card Solitaire is an amazing £40 PER CARD!!!

Don’t forget that if you’re new to 3 Card Solitaire,
You can get the hang of this great game for free in our Practice Play section.

Play until you cash in your winnings for just £1:04 a game!

3 Card Solitaire

Brand New Game

3 Card Solitaire

There’s a Brand New Game at Prime ScratchCards and it comes with a special 3 day promotion.

3 Card Solitaire is a very special game and is a new first at Prime ScratchCards. You can now play a full game of interactive Solitaire and win cash while playing!

Every time you succeed in removing a card from the game and place it on its pile you win a cash prize. The money builds up in your Total Wins and you can claim it back at any time. If you choose to end a game you still get to keep your money.

3 Card Solitaire is going to be a big hit with anybody who likes playing traditional patience or solitaire games, not only are you testing your skill and luck; but you could be the 1st Big Winner on this Brand New Game.

A nice little feature on 3 Card Solitaire is the Deck and Colour buttons that allow you to change the design of your cards and background colour.

Special Promotion!

You Can collect Free Raffle Tickets right up until Sunday morning every time you complete a game of 3 Card Solitaire. You’ll automatically be entered in the Free Prize Draw for a superb £100 Bonus and there’s no limit to how many tickets you can collect!

3 Card Solitaire is the latest release in our Joys of July promotion. Right through July we’re launching more games, better Free Competitions and some great surprises. Keep checking back to see what’s on offer.

Prime ScratchCards is getting better and better all the time!

Keep Smiling (and get an extra 10% BONUS)

Brand New Game

Keep Smiling

(and get an extra 10% Bonus when you make a deposit)

The best way to get through life is to Keep Smiling – and that’s the name of the latest fun game at Prime ScratchCards.

8 Great Reasons to Keep Smiling!

Keep Smiling is a classic scratch card game that allows you to play up to 8 lines at once, guaranteeing all kinds of Instant Cash Payouts. We’ve got some funny characters at Prime ScratchCards – like Esmeralda the Prime Witch and the Monsters from Memory Madness. Now it’s time to meet the ‘Emoticons’ of Keep Smiling. If you need cheering up this week The Wink, The Grin and The DJ are ready and waiting to bring a smile to your face.  Prime ScratchCards is all about fun!

These cheerful and cheeky characters could lead you straight to a Massive


To play Keep Smiling click to choose your LINE PRICE and click to choose NUMBER OF LINES.

If you want a fast game click AUTOPLAY and MAX LINES.

Remember: you can keep on smiling for just 25p a card!

If you make a Deposit today insert the Bonus Code*


and get an extra 10% Cash to play with!

*Terms and conditions apply

Check Out our Great New Site!

Check Out Prime Slots

Our Superb New Slots Site!

We’ve had such a great response to our Slots Games at Prime ScratchCards over the last few years, that we’ve  set up a brand new site that will feature all your favourite Slots Games and loads more!

Everybody Loves Slots!

Everybody we talk to loves Slots; they’re a great way to relax, and the fastest way we know to turn a small stake into Big Winnings.

We’ve been building our Slots Section at Prime ScratchCards right from the beginning. There’s already a great selection of 3 and 5 reel Slots, Video Slots, Scratch Slots – 1 Line Games, 5 Line Games – even amazing 20 Line Slots Games!

Now we’re expanding with Prime Slots where we bring you all the games you know and love, but with a definite emphasis on Slots. If you’re a fan of the slot machines – you need to add Prime Slots to your favourites list.

Win £100,000!

Just in case you thought Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOTS only happened at Prime ScratchCards, we can


That every game at Prime Slots Tragamonedas also comes with a life changing £100,000 Top Prize. So keep the reels rolling, with minimum stakes of just 10p on several games, you can’t go wrong!


You can get started right now at Prime Slots with our special £5 FREE BONUS

That’s an amazing 50 Free Spins on great games like Pirates Paradise and Cafe Paris!

New Game Alert!

Get Ready for a Brand New Game!

Tomorrow morning we’re launching a Brand New Game at

Prime ScratchCards!

Ask people what board games they remember from childhood and the chances are that most of them will mention Monopoly. It’s an iconic game that millions of people have enjoyed playing over the years. The idea is to go around the board, acquiring property and making money out of the other players; you can place houses and hotels on your property and charge them rent. Everybody who ever played Monopoly will remember Community Chest and Chance cards – and going to jail for throwing 3 doubles in a row!

Monopoly Riches is the Brand New game from Prime ScratchCards that is just as much fun to play – and could make you RICH!

Pass GO and collect your INSTANT CASH PRIZE!

Traditional Monopoly is played with paper money, but Monopoly Riches is the real thing.

If you pass GO you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize straight into your account. Or possibly even a Massive


You can play Monopoly Riches at Prime ScratchCards from tomorrow.  Don’t miss out – be the first lucky player to

Pass GO!