Goal Kick



Score a Prime Jackpot with Goal Kick!


The World Cup might be over but the beautiful game never stops at

 Prime ScratchCards!

Goal Kick is the star of our Sports Scratch section and this amazing penalty shoot out game gives you 5 chances to win an Instant Cash Prize every time you play. Penalty shoot outs are high pressure moments for all footballers and they’re also pretty exciting when there’s a cash prize at stake….

Beat the goalkeeper and you could win a massive

£100,000 Prime Jackpot!

To play Goal Kick click to choose your card price then get ready to outwit the goal keeper. Use the mouse to direct the boot on the screen and aim at the back of the net. You can aim; high, low, left or right and kick in any direction you want. If you can beat the goalie – and the home team’s score – you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize. Or maybe even a PRIME JACKPOT!

Remember: You can play Goal Kick for just 50p a game!

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Hit a £200,000 Bullseye at Prime ScratchCards!

Now you can play your favourite pub game just by logging onto

 Prime ScratchCards.

There’s no closing time at Prime ScratchCards so you can play Darts 24/7 and win Instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS any time of the day or night!

Darts is a superb game with great graphics that’s loads of fun and really easy to play.

Click to choose your card price then click PLAY to begin the game.


Use your mouse to aim at the board then click to throw your dart. You’ve got 3 chances to beat the Champion’s score and win an Instant Cash Payout.


You can play Darts for just 50p a game!

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Get Ready for the FA Cup Final!



Get Ready for the FA Cup Final!


With the FA Cup final taking place in Just under 2 weeks there is still time to get some practice in with Prime ScratchCards 


Goal Kick!



Have you got enough skill and nerves to beat the keeper and kick your way to a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT?

Somebody is going to be a very big winner with this superb football game that promises some major payouts!



There’s also a rumour going around that Prime ScratchCards will be handing out some free tickets for some of our players to watch Portsmouth play Chelsea in the Cup Final on May 15th! Watch this space for more details..