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Poker Sunday

Try your Hand at Poker!

We’ve got all kinds of games at Prime ScratchCards; fantasy, sports, scratch, slots – there are more than 150 to choose from – and they’re all exciting and a lot of fun to play! We’ve also got a great selection of casino style games, including several versions of Poker that all come with massive Prime Jackpots. There are very few poker games in the world that can pay out £100,000 on the single turn of a card, but we’ve got some here for you:











Royal Poker is an elite scratch card game that tests your luck. There are 5 cards to choose from; pick 3 and you could win the hand. A Royal Flush will pay out an amazing X10,000!

Beat the Joker

Joker Poker is an even more exciting poker game with up to 25 hands and an extra bonus round. Winners get to bet on additional cards. Guess the colour or suit of the next card to win X2 or X4. This is an exciting game with a lot of surprises and a very dedicated following. Players love Joker Poker and keep on coming back for more.












If you’ve never played Poker before our scratch games are a really fun way to learn the basics. Too many new players are put off by the terminology and what they think are complicated rules. They miss out on a classic card game. Check out the Prime Paytable for Joker Poker, not only does it show you how your winnings can shoot all the way up to a Prime Jackpot with a single click – it teaches you the basics of a poker game. If you didn’t know the difference between a Full House and a Royal Flush, you soon will; all you need to do is play!





Christmas Joy!

Get into the Christmas spirit right now and you could win a huge £200,000 Prime Jackpot!

We’ve got the ultimate Christmas scratch card for you at Prime ScratchCards, featuring a beautiful Christmas tree, a room full of presents and a whole lot of fun. One of the great things about opening presents with Christmas Joy is that you never know what’s inside them; there could be an Instant Cash Prize -or there could be a life changing £200,000 Prime Jackpot!










Every time you play Christmas Joy you’ve got 5 chances to match pairs of presents and unwrap a Cash Prize. Scratch the decorations on the Christmas tree to see what Santa’s brought you. 2012 could be the fairytale Christmas that you’ve always dreamed of if you’re the next Big Winner with this amazing scratch card!










Christmas 2012 at Prime ScratchCards is going to be the best ever with an amazing promotion, new games and some great giveaways. Start checking your Inbox every day and make sure that you don’t miss out on all the special Christmas goodies that we’ve got in store for you. We’re going to be ending the year on a fun note and we want to see as many players as possible celebrate with big Cash Prizes!

Don’t Forget our Other Christmas Game!










Why make do with just one Christmas game?

If you can guide Father Christmas down the right chimney you’re guaranteed that he’ll bring you an Instant Cash Prize!

‘Christmas’ is another superb scratch card game that can pay out every single day of the year. It’s also loads of fun, easy to play and guarantees that every 3rd card wins!



Happy New Year!

A Very Happy New Year!

To all our Players and Scratch Card fans!

We’d like to wish all our players and scratch card fans a very Happy New Year. We hope 2012 will be a great (and really lucky) year for you all!

Hopefully 2012 will be a top year at Prime ScratchCards, we’re already planning to launch some major New Games with massive PRIME JACKPOTS. The push is on to find even more exciting prizes and offer bigger and better Cash Payouts right through the year.  2011 was a good year – we topped the 100 game mark – and paid out some serious money to a lot of lucky players. There was also a host of crazy characters unleashed at Prime ScratchCards in 2011. Here are a few of them:

Some of the most memorable characters of 2011 have to be the hapless bandits from Wild West, our great shoot ‘em up scratch card. They may not be pretty – or even very bright – but they knew where the money was!

Some more funny characters of 2011 are definitely the Crazy Cats. The 3 feline musketeers are the stars of another great scratch card game and if you can catch all of them together you could win a massive


Meet the Joker!

Another big favourite of 2011 is the Joker from Joker Poker. He appeared almost from nowhere and started handing out Instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS to all out Poker Fans. He also taught the basics of this great card game to a lot of new players. The Joker is a slippery character, but if you can pin him down there could be some serious money coming your way!

We’ll be continuing with a review of all the craziest characters, best games and biggest winners over the next few days. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the exciting things that we’ve got lined up for you in 2012. It’s going to be a busy year with a lot of Brand New Games, fast thrills and fantastic Free Competitions. Prime ScratchCards is going to be the Number One online gaming site of 2012!

So from all the team at Prime ScratchCards, we wish you a

Very Happy New Year!

And we hope to see your face on our list of Big Winners in 2012!


Get Paid to Play Sports Games!

Get Paid to Play Sports Games!

At Prime ScratchCards

Anybody who’s logged onto Prime ScratchCards recently will know that we now have 100 superb games for you to choose from.

To celebrate the release of our 100th Game we’ve brought you the amazing

100th Game Challenge

We’ll send you a list of 25 great games every week – all you have to do is play them. It’s like a grand tour of the Prime ScratchCards site. If you play all of them you get a Free £25 Bonus.

You can check out some of our selection of top Sports Games; ranging from the very laid back Gone Fishin, to the ultra fast

Road Racing. Football fans will love Goal Kick, Ready Set Go and World Champions, where you have the chance to score a

Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Top Tip: Bowling has produced several Big Winners over the last couple of years…..

Interestingly some of the biggest sports fans at Prime ScratchCards are women. We recently launched Dress Up Diva as a special game for the ladies, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of you were hitting PRIME JACKPOTS with our superb Sports Games too!

Check back again soon for a few hints and some top tips on our Fantasy Games - when you take up the 100th Game Challenge you’ll definitely be playing a few of them..

Don’t forget to tell your friends about Prime ScratchCards and our amazing 100th Game Challenge. Everytime one of your friends joins us we’ll give you another £25 Bonus!

The more of your friends, family, colleagues and mates you refer to us – the more money you’ll get!

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