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Get Ready for a Great Weekend!

Get Ready for a Great Weekend

With Prime ScratchCards!

It’s the last weekend before Christmas and the festive fun is well and truly under way here at Prime ScratchCards. Everybody who’s played the amazing Christmas Joy scratch card game will need to check their email over the weekend. That’s because you’ve been automatically entered in the GOLDEN RAFFLE! If you weren’t already one of the Lucky Players who scooped up one the daily £500 prizes, you could be in line for:

A Skiing Holiday for Two,
A Brand New 4S Iphone,
An LG 47 3D TV

All you have to do to qualify for the FREE GOLDEN RAFFLE is play CHRISTMAS JOY!

And you could win an awesome £2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT in the process…..

Win a £2,000,0000 Christmas Present!

There’s nothing more homely than the superb Christmas Joy scratch card game, with the open fire and presents lined up under the huge Christmas tree. But this is a seriously exciting game, because every time you play you could be just 1CLICK AWAY from an amazing, life changing £2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

So why not treat yourself to some extra excitement in the last week before Christmas and play for the highest stakes scratch card that we’ve ever brought you!


Enter our Amazing Golden Raffle

An Amazing DAILY Raffle

For ALL our Players at Prime ScratchCards!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without great gifts and a chance to really celebrate in style, that’s why we’re running the amazing Golden Gifts of Joy FREE daily raffle. The great news is that anybody who plays the superb Christmas Joy game will be automatically entered in this fantastic holiday promotion.

Play Christmas Joy to get FREE Raffle Tickets!

Prizes Galore!

As usual we’re bringing you only the very best prizes:

Every day from Sunday – Friday 3 Lucky Players will each get £500.

Every Saturday we’re giving away a GOLDEN GIFT – A Skiing Holiday for 2, a Brand New 4S Iphone and an LG 47 3D TV!

On the 26th of December 25 Lucky Winners will each receive £1,000!

The best news is that the FREE RAFFLE continues right up to Boxing Day!

Every time you play Christmas Joy you’ll automatically be entered in the Raffle – you don’t have to do anything – and there’s no limit to how many tickets you can have and you could win more than once…

Even if you don’t win on the Raffle, you could still hit the unbelievable

£2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT

That’s the top prize on Christmas Joy!

Check back regularly to get updates about this great Christmas promotion and see who’s already won some of the amazing prizes on offer. As we get closer to Christmas and New Year we’ll be announcing even more free gifts and special prizes just for Prime ScratchCards players!


Golden Island gets a Facelift!

Golden Island gets a Facelift!

Golden Island was one of the first games at Prime ScratchCards and it’s proved so popular over the years that we’re giving it a facelift. The new look version will feature brand new graphics and some extra surprises. But we’re NOT changing the basic theme of the game, or the Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

If you’re new to Prime ScratchCards you might not have played Golden Island yet. It’s a classic scratch card game set on tropical island where pirates used to bury treasure.  You have a choice of 3 iron bound chests; 1 contains gold – 2 contain sand. If you guess which one has the gold you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize, or even a life changing


Golden Island has been a big hit with scratch cards fans since day one; there’s something about the allure of gold and buried treasure. But rest assured: if  you’re a winner with the new look Golden Island, your money will go straight into your account – we won’t be sending a courier round to pay you in  gold bullion….

Be the 1st Big Winner with the new look Golden Island

and you could be jetting off to a tropical paradise any time you like…

Got a favourite game that you’d like to see given a make over?

If there’s a game you love that you’d like to see given a facelift and some brand new graphics, why not send us an email and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll be releasing loads of new games at Prime ScratchCards over the next few months, but we’re also ready to give some old favourites a new look.


Lucky Diamonds


Lucky Diamonds

Experience a touch of class with Lucky Diamonds one of Prime ScratchCards most stylish games.

Diamonds are a girls best friend - but when they lead to PRIME JACKPOTS they’re everybody’s best friend – and they definitely last forever..

In Lucky Diamonds 5 jewellery boxes are laid out on a blue cloth – they all contain precious stones but to be a winner you have to match up 3 identical diamonds. Guess right and you’ll win an INSTANT CASH PRIZE or even a huge


If you’re our next big winner you could be wearing real diamonds!

To play Lucky Diamonds click to choose your card price then click on the jewellery boxes. Your winnings will be displayed on the screen.

Remember: You can play Lucky Diamonds for just 50p a game!

1 in every 3 of our scratch cards is a guaranteed winner meaning that you can keep on playing.

Some of our biggest winners started playing at Prime ScratchCards with £5 FREE offers and went on to win massive PRIME JACKPOTS!


If you enjoyed Lucky Diamonds be sure to check out 5th Avenue, Golden Island and Champagne more great games from Prime ScratchCards


Golden Island


Find the Hidden Treasure on Golden Island

Golden Island is a superb scratch card game set on a deserted paradise island. Check out the beautiful graphics and amazing prizes!


Hidden away on Golden Island are chests of glittering treasure – some of them contain huge PRIME JACKPOTS!

Click to choose your card price then click PLAY. Click on the chest that you think contains the treasure – but be warned 2 of the 3 chests only contain sand! When you do find the treasure you will immediately receive an Instant Cash Payout!


Visit Golden Island and you could be walking away from your keyboard £200,000 richer!


You can play Golden Island for just 50p a card!

If you enjoyed Golden Island be sure to check out Treasure Island, Pirates Paradise and The Lost Maya 3 more great treasure themed games from Prime Scratchcards!

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