Have a Great Christmas Eve!

Have a Great Christmas Eve!

It’s the Christmas Eve and time to sit back and enjoy the holidays – unless of course you’re running around doing last minute shopping, preparing food, wrapping presents and worrying about 101 other things!

Why not take a break tonight and treat yourself to a Christmas Eve treat in the form of 2 fantastic Christmas games at Prime ScratchCards. Not only do you deserve some quality time to yourself, but you could be quids in for the New Year if you win a PRIME JACKPOT – or even some Instant Cash Prizes.

If you hit the Big Time with Christmas Joy you could be the Lucky Player who wins the awesome

£2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

This is a really exciting prize, there aren’t all that many JACKPOTS of this size out there; and very few come with games that are as much fun as Christmas Joy. This is a classic scratch card that promises a whole tree full of presents – you’ll be unwrapping Instant Cash Prizes as soon as you start playing this special Christmas game!

Get Ready for Father Christmas!

If anybody tries to tell you that there’s no such thing as Santa and that he doesn’t come down the chimney, don’t believe them! Santa’s right here at Prime ScratchCards with a whole sleigh full of gifts for our players. You just have to guide him down the right chimney, because there are 3 to choose from….

Win a Prime Jackpot with CHRISTMAS!

Whatever you’re up to tonight; whether it’s a family evening at home, or you’re off to a party or out on the town, we hope you have a great night. If you played Christmas Joy this week don’t forget to check your email. You’ll have automatically be entered in the FREE GOLDEN RAFFLE and could be in line for a big surprise if you’ve won one of our fantastic FREE PRIZES! Don’t forget that we’re giving away brand new  Iphones, massive 3D TVs and a skiing holiday for 2!

Remember: On Boxing Day we’re giving away £15,000!

What’s Going in your Stocking on Christmas Eve?

What’s Going in your Stocking on Christmas Eve?

It’s always great when Christmas falls on a weekend, but it’s especially good this year because every Saturday we’re handing out GOLDEN GIFTS to some of our Lucky Players. Saturday is Christmas Eve, which means that you could be getting a Brand New Iphone in your stocking!

If you played the superb new Christmas Joy scratch card game you’ve already been automatically entered in our amazing FREE GOLDEN RAFFLE!

You don’t have to collect tickets or fill out forms – everything is done for you by the Prime ScratchCards computer.

If you don’t win the latest Iphone, how about a massive LG 3D TV?

Admittedly, this top of the range 3D TV probably won’t fit in your Christmas stocking….but our delivery crew will have no problems getting it through your front door.

Fancy a Skiing Holiday?

There’s also another fantastic prize lined up for Christmas Eve. We’ve got tickets for a luxury skiing holiday for two! We’ll fly you to a top ski resort and give you a great winter break on the ski slopes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been skiing before because you’ll be taught the basics on your 1st day.

Play Christmas Joy to be Included in the FREE Golden Raffle!

And you Could Win £2,000,000!

When you play our classic Christmas scratch card you could be just 1 CLICK AWAY from a life changing

£2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT

There are all kinds of Cash Prizes just waiting for you under the Christmas Tree at

Prime ScratchCards…..