Try your Luck with the Tiger

Challenge the Tiger

At Prime ScratchCards!

We’re continuing our Far Eastern theme this weekend with the fantastic Scratch Card game Tiger Mahjong. We’ve taken this classic Chinese  game and created an exciting 21st century online version that allows you to win an amazing


For anybody who never played Mahjong before; here’s a quick run down of what it’s all about:

Mahjong was invented in China at least 100 years ago and is usually played by 4 people using 136 tiles or counters. The tiles are beautifully painted with numbers or symbols. The idea is to form hands from the tiles and score points.

Tiger Mahjong is a much simpler and faster version of this complex game. It’s designed to be fun and easy to play and the Instant Cash Prizes keep on coming.

If you want to try for a Massive PRIME JACKPOT with Tiger Mahjong all you have to do is click to choose your line price (you can play up to 3 lines at once) then try to match a pair of tiles. There’s also a bonus tile which could DOUBLE YOUR WIN!

Did You Know?

That in many parts of China and Asia the Tiger is seen as a symbol of wealth. That’s just one reason why Tiger Mahjong could be a very lucky game…..

Remember: you can play Tiger Mahjong for just 25p a card!

We hope you’ll have a great weekend. If you enjoy Tiger Mahjong, why not continue with our Far Eastern theme and try some other top quality games like Sudoku Panda, Dragon’s Gold and Sakura Garden!

Bye the way, nobody’s won the HUGE £2,000,000 Top Prize on Christmas Joy yet. If you’re going to play this weekend, it’s DEFINITELY worth spending some time on this amazing game. It could make you a millionaire – twice over!

Unleash the Forces of Terra


Get Ready for the Forces of Terra!

There’s a Brand New Game out today at Prime ScratchCards; it’s an exciting sequel to an existing game that’s already a massive hit with scratch card fans!

Forces of Terra follows on from the superb fantasy game Legend of Terra and takes you back to a dangerous world of monsters, magic and warrior heroes.  Forces of Terra is a fast and exciting scratch card game with some really amazing graphics and loads of  great Instant Cash Prizes. Not only is it a top quality game, but it’s easy to play and loads of fun!

Forces of Terra begins in a Wizard’s Castle somewhere in the mountains. There are 5 portals for summoning the inhabitants of this fantasy world – and if you can call 3 or more of the same creatures you could win the golden treasure in the form of a Massive


To try and win the life changing PRIME JACKPOT all you have to do is click to place your bet then click PLAY.

As soon as you click SCRATCH ALL 5 creatures will appear; they could be Dragons, Ogres, Warriors or Wizards. If three of the same characters appear  together you’re a winner. If  there are suddenly 5 of the same you could win X20 your original bet!

We love Fantasy Games at Prime ScratchCards and our design team are always looking out for great New Games that will give our players hours of fun and a real chance to win top Cash Prizes.  If you like brand new Forces of Terra, be sure to check out the game that inspired it: Legend of Terra. There are now dozens of  fast moving fantasy games at Prime ScratchCards and our Fantasy Section is growing all the time.

Remember: you can play Legend of Terra and Forces of Terra right now!

If you dare..

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit


2011 is the Year of the Rabbit! 

According to the Chinese zodiac 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. In ancient Chinese astrology there are 12  animal symbols (a bit like western star signs). Each year belongs to a different animal and 2011 is the year of the Rabbit.


Prime ScratchCards fans will know exactly where to find some lucky rabbits in 2011! 


Lucky Eggs is a classic scratch card game with a massive


2011 will be a truly lucky year for any Prime ScratchCards fan who wins this top prize!

To win an Instant Cash Prize or PRIME JACKPOT playing Lucky Eggs you simply have to guess which Rabbit has a sack of chocolate eggs. Get it right and your winnings will go straight into your account!

There are 3 Rabbits and every 3rd card is a guaranteed winner anyway – so the odds are pretty good.

You can play Lucky Eggs for just 50p a card!

If you were born in 1928, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975 or 1987 your Chinese star sign is probably the Rabbit. Even if it’s not, and you’re an Ox, Dragon, Tiger, Monkey or any of the other signs, Lucky Eggs could still be your lucky game in 2011!

The Fairy Tale



Get Ready for a Fairy Tale Ending

at Prime ScratchCards!



The Fairy Tale is a fantastic scratch card game with a

£100,000 PRIME JACKPOT just waiting to be won!

The Fairy Tale takes place in a magic castle where 5 towers each contain a fantasy character – if you can find three of the same characters you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize or massive PRIME JACKPOT – and have a lot of fun in the process. 

The Fairy Tale is a really easy game to play, simply click to place your bet the click PLAY. You can either click on each tower or SCRATCH ALL to reveal the fantasy characters and your INSTANT CASH PRIZE. Your winnings will be displayed on the screen!


Remember you can play The Fairy Tale for just 50p a game!

Prime ScratchCards  is all about making players happy, and who better to put a smile on your face than the characters in the The Fairy Tale . The Green Genie, Witch, Baby Dragon, Pirate and Prince are all ready and waiting to put money in your account.

If you enjoyed The Fairy Tale be sure to check out the  fantasy section at Prime ScratchCards  where we’ve got another 25 great games waiting for you!

Dragon’s Gold



Search for the Dragon’s Gold at Prime ScratchCards



is a great 3 reel slots game from Prime ScratchCards that pays out a huge £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Like all the games at Prime ScratchCards, Dragon’s Gold has some great odds: 1 in every 3 games is a guaranteed winner and the Instant Cash Payouts continue 24 hours a day. You may be hunting for the Dragon’s Gold , but if you win you’ll be paid in hard cash!

TO PLAY: Simply click BET to place a bet and SPIN to play. For a fast game click MAX BET and AUTOPLAY!


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The Fairy Tale


Experience the Fairy Tale!


Fairy Tale is one of the best fantasy games at Prime ScratchCards ; with a massive £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT and loads of Instant Cash Prizes the magic can quickly become real! 



Fairy Tale’s magic castle has 5 towers with shuttered windows. behind each window is a fantasy character such as a Green Dragon, Fairy, Genie or Witch. Match 3 characters and you’re guaranteed an Instant Cash Payout – or even a massive PRIME JACKPOT!  



Fairy Tale is a classic fantasy scratch card and is really easy and loads of fun to play. Click to choose your card price then click to play.  You can either click directly on the windows or on AUTOPLAY if you want a faster game.  Your winnings will be displayed on the screen! 

If you like fantasy games don't forget that we currently have 24 great fantasy scratch cards at


Remember: You can play the Fairy Tale for just 50p a card – and could win a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT!


If you enjoyed  Fairy Tale  why not try Genie, Master Mix or Fantasy Forest – or any of the 24 great fantasy games at Prime ScratchCards