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A Look Back at a Great Year


2012 – Our Best Year Ever!

2012 was a great year at Prime ScratchCards, in fact it was our best ever. We really made things happen, with loads of New Games, Prime Jackpot winners and a some great free competitions and promotions. We also passed the 150 game mark; a superb achievement that has brought our players the best online gaming experience that you’ll find anywhere!

Although we’re a scratch card site, we know that players also love online slots and fun games and we launched some exceptional new releases last year. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights:









Become a Slots Superhero!

We went superhero crazy in 2012 with a new range of slots games based on Marvel Comics characters. Spider-Man Revelations is one of the hottest, with three huge Hero Jackpots, random prizes and an exciting bonus round. This is a fast high powered 25 line slots game that quickly found a lot of fans – to say it’s popular is the understatement of the year!

There’s a Monster on the Rampage!











Another big hit in 2012 was King Kong. This monster slots game is based on the classic films about a giant ape who is brought to New York and escapes, going on a wild rampage across the city. The graphics on this slots sensation are some of the best ever and playing the surprise bonus round is as dramatic as watching the big screen versions of King Kong. With 25 lines and huge Prime Jackpots to play for, even the most hard core slots fans will love this game!

 Meet Max!

It wasn’t all just fast action, monsters and superheroes at Prime ScratchCards in 2012. We also launched the cutest character you’ll ever meet: Max. Max is a cheeky cartoon dog who can lead the way to a £100, 000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Max’s paw prints conceal Cash Prizes in the form of matching dice – all you have to do is scratch and win. Max immediately endeared himself to thousands of scratch card fans around the world and we’ve had a lot of requests to feature him in another game; something that we’re looking at for 2013.

We’ll continue looking back at the best moments of 2012 over the coming week. We’ll introduce some of the Big Winners who won Prime Jackpots and feature some of the top prizes that we paid out through the year.

2012 was a fantastic year at Prime ScratchCards and 2013 will be even better!


Get Ready for some Brand New Games

Get Ready for some Brand New Games

This January at Prime ScratchCards!

Coming Up in January 2012

We’re getting the New Year off to a flying start here at Prime ScratchCards with the launch of yet more fantastic games. We’re not going to let too much slip just now, but we can tell you that they’re going to be some of the most technologically advanced games that we’ve released so far. But don’t worry – they’ll still be easy to play. The big difference will be in the sheer quality of the gaming experience; even better graphics, stunning interactive features, loads of fun and massive PRIME JACKPOTS!

When we talk about ‘massive Prime Jackpots’ we mean prizes like the life changing £1,000,000 that comes with the amazing 3WOW! game – it’s there 24 hours a day, just waiting for a lucky player to click on the winning card!

There’s a very strong rumour that there will be an even bigger PRIME JACKPOT coming up later this year….

100 Great Games!

One of our big achievements of 2011 was in reaching the 100 game point. We plan to build on that right through 2012 and offer even more huge prizes, exciting free competitions, raffles, prize draws and special Prime Surprises!

We’ll also be teaming up with some well known High Street chains, and top brands to bring you all kinds of great extras from free shopping vouchers to foreign holidays and much, much more!


2012 will be a busy year for Prime ScratchCards on Facebook. Players who are in the know have taken the time to LIKE us and are keeping up to date with all the news, chat and top tips. It’s a great way to be the 1st to hear about the latest freebies, giveaways and new competitions!

Why Not Have Your Say?

If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions about what you’d like us to do in 2012, send us an email with your thoughts. We’re always glad to hear from our scratch card fans!


Christmas Joy


The Countdown to Christmas has begun at

Prime ScratchCards!

We began the countdown to Christmas today at Prime ScratchCards with the launch of a superb BRAND NEW GAME:

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy is a special Christmas gift to our players – you’ve got the chance to win an amazing

£2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

That’s TWENTY TIMES the normal £100,000 Top Prize!

All you have to do to play this classic scratch card game is match the pairs of decorations on the Christmas tree. It’s loads of fun and really easy to win an Instant Cash Prize. You can play up to 5 pairs at once and really boost your chances of being the 1st Big Winner on this BRAND NEW GAME.

We’re ready to make at least one of our scratch card fans into a Christmas millionaire!

It’s going to be a fantastic Christmas at Prime ScratchCards this year. We’ve got all kinds of great promotions and free competitions coming up right through December. We’ll be giving away all kinds of goodies and launching some more top quality games to add some extra fun to the holidays.

With the big Christmas tree and blazing log fire, Christmas Joy has all the ingredients of a fairy tale Christmas – including the chance to win a fortune when you open your presents. This is a beautifully designed game that is going to bring some of our Lucky Players a dream Christmas and New Year!

Why wait until December when you can have some Christmas Joy today?



Coming Soon at Prime ScratchCards

Coming Soon at Prime ScratchCards

A Look Ahead

The next big date at Prime ScratchCards is the Summer Bank Holiday, after that it’s just 4 months until Christmas.  But that doesn’t mean that the autumn is going to be boring!

We’ve got at least 4 new games lined up for release in September plus some great competitions and promotions. There are rumours in the office that October will be all about Halloween with a special creepy theme and some fantastic prizes to go with it…

There’s already a Prime Witch (and no shortage of monsters) who could be very busy as Halloween approaches!

Meet Esmeralda

Esmeralda is the Prime Witch who can cast a £100,000 spell!

And if she can’t get the job done, this lot definitely can….

Get Ready for Fireworks

After Halloween, the next event on the Prime Calendar will be Bonfire Night. We’re already planning a big competition and possibly a Brand New Game. You can stay one step ahead of the competition by joining Prime ScratchCards on Facebook and being the 1st to know about all the Great Give Aways, special deals and latest promotions. All you have to do is click:

Play the Featured Games Memory Madness and Esmeralda Right Now


A New Record!


2010 Was a Record Year for Prime ScratchCards!


2010 was a record year at Prime ScratchCards and everything suggests that 2011 will be even better. We’ve now got fans in almost every country in the world and attracted another 150,000 regular players last year!

 50 Million Scratch Cards Sold!

Last year we sold over 50 million scratch cards and paid out millions of pounds in Instant Cash Prizes and Prime Jackpots, helping our lucky winners to make their dreams come true!

More Competitions for 2011!

The great news is that we’ve got an even bigger budget for competitions, free prize draws and some great giveaways. 2011 will be a great year to get involved and win some extra prizes. There’s a rumour going around the office that we may be giving away a lot of free airline tickets and package holidays to help our fans beat the cold weather – so watch this space!

Don’t Forget that Prime ScratchCards Pays Out 24/7

If you’re working nights this year, or even just unable to sleep, why not take a break and log on to Prime ScratchCards?

You can play your favourite games – and check out our new releases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and you can play from most locations around the world. Anytime you need some fun come and join us and see if you’re going to be our next Big Winner.

Every game at Prime ScratchCards pays out a massive


Except of course for our 3WOW! and Super 3WOW! that pay out an enormous

£1,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Come and join us at Prime ScratchCards and make 2011 a year to remember!

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