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Crazy Cat




Go Scratch Card Crazy with the Crazy Cat!


Crazy Cat is possibly the most fun game at Prime ScratchCards - and with over 80 fun games to choose from – that’s really saying something!

Most dustbins only contain garbage, but when you play Crazy Cat you could find a massive


Not only are there the huge PRIME JACKPOTS, when you play at  Prime ScratchCards we guarantee that 1 in every 3 cards is a winner. That means that the Instant Cash Prizes will just keep on going into your account!


To play Crazy Cat click to choose your card price then click PLAY!

If you can find 3 cats in the dustbins you’re a guaranteed winner and an Instant Cash Prize will go straight into your account!

You might even be our next Big Winner and be celebrating with a huge PRIME JACKPOT!

We love fun at Prime ScratchCards so why not come and join us today at the site where every player can be a winner!


Remember: You can play Crazy Cat for just 50p a card!

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Splash Cash is a superb fun game from Prime ScratchCards that packs a massive

£100,000 PRIME JACKPOT! 

To play Splash Cash you must select a stuntman who will try and jump through a wall in front of a swimming pool - the winner gets paid and the loser gets wet!

Some games were never intended to be taken seriously and they’re usually the most enjoyable to play. Splash Cash is a lot of fun and a chance to relax and enjoy the sight of the unlucky players go flying head first into the swimming pool.

 One thing about Splash Cash that isn’t a joke is the Instant Cash Prizes and massive PRIME JACKPOTS that come with this game.

You can be a really big winner when you play our favourite fun game at

 Prime ScratchCards!

Every time you play Splash Cash you’ll have a 1 in 3 chance of winning an Instant Cash Prize!

Remember: You can play Splash Cash for just 50p a game!

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Fast Hands

 Are Your Hands Fast Enough to Win £100,000?


 Rock-paper-scissors is a very old Chinese game that most of us played as children. You make a clenched fist and hold it in the air, on a count of 3 you bring it down and open it in the shape of either; a rock, scissors or paper.

Now Prime ScratchCards have created a 21st century online version that comes with a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT.


Fast Hands challenges you to compete with up to 6 other hands and gives you 3 chances to be a winner every time you play. There are loads of Instant Cash Prizes and an option for a really fast game if you click on Max Hands and Autoplay.

Rock beats Scissors- Scissors beats Paper- Paper beats Rock- Rock beats….

Remember you can play Fast Hands for just 25p a game!


 Fast Hands is a really addictive game so be warned – and at just 25p a hand you could be playing all day!

1 in every 3 hands is a guaranteed winner with instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS that go straight into your account balance. You can really have hours of fun with this game.


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