New Game – Ice!

It’s as Cold as Ice and as Hot as £200,000!











There’s a brand new scratch card game out at Prime ScratchCards – but it’s definitely not hot. Ice is as cold as they come, but the £200,000 Prime Jackpot is sizzling!

We’ve got November off to a great start with this high powered version of a classic scratch card. You can switch between two different cards – one green and one blue and test your luck with the bet of your choice. You can buy cards for as little as £1 and play all the way up to an amazing £200,000 Prime Jackpot. Every card comes with 2 games!

If you’re a scratch card fan you’ll love Ice – it’s got all the ingredients that make a perfect game; plenty of choices, a simple design that matches offline scratch cards, and some amazing Instant Cash Prizes. The thrills start as soon as you play and scratch the panels; hidden behind them are all kinds of prizes,if you match 3 of a kind you win. Look out for a blue snowflake because it substitutes any sum and could be your key to a big win!








Even if you’re already fed up with the cold weather and an autumn that feels like winter, Ice will still put a smile on your face every time you see a winning combination of 3 numbers and an Instant Cash Prize appear in your account. A lot of our players are going to hit Prime Jackpots with this superb scratch card!

There are even more great new games lined up for you this month and in December. We’re going to end 2012 in style at Prime ScratchCards and are preparing some special Christmas Surprises for our players. Keep checking back for all the latest news and info!









Crazy New Game!

Play Cubis – Our Amazing New Game!

There’s a wild new game out at Prime ScratchCards and it could make you rich!

Cubis is the latest game at Prime ScratchCards and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There are scores of multi coloured three dimensional cubes lined up ready to go; click play and they start moving. If you’re lucky 4 or more of the same cubes stack up into a winning combination. That’s when the fun really starts, because the cubes explode and more fall into place, boosting your winnings again!

When you play Cubis, watch out for WILD cubes and BOMB cubes. They explode onto the screen when you least expect them and earn you even more prize money!

Win up to x10,000 your Original Bet

There are 15 different paylines on Cubis and you can win up to X 10,000 your original bet! This is a game that you will just want to keep on playing; it’s really easy to get the hang of and is full of surprises.

Like all our games, Cubis comes with a Prime Paytable. The Instant Cash Prizes start with the Yellow Cubes and go all the way up to Diamond Cubes that pay out some serious cash. Look out for Wild Dice that substitute for other cubes and can send your paylines sky high. Normally Nuclear Bombs are very bad news, but don’t run for shelter if you see one on Cubis; it could make you rich!


If you like Cubis you’ll love the great games that we’ve got ready for you this autumn. There are some really exciting new releases coming up next month. Don’t forget to check your inbox or visit us on Facebook to be the first to hear all the news at Prime ScratchCards!

Take a Break

Take a Break Today with Prime ScratchCards!

We’re only a few days into autumn and it already feels like winter. If you’re sick of the cold wet weather, high winds and floods; login to Prime ScratchCards and take an instant break. Our great games are set on almost every continent of the world and a single click will take you anywhere you want to go. You could also win a massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot and thousands of Instant Cash Prizes. We’ve got all the adventure and excitement that you need to beat the bad weather blues!










There’s nothing like a few weeks in a luxury hotel; sunbathing by the pool with a cold drink, hitting the town at night…You can play Holiday Hotel right now and you could be our next Big Winner.  This is a crazy 20 line, 5 reels slot machine game that takes you straight to a luxury resort and all the fun of an autumn break in the sun. Match up the winning symbols to win Cash Prizes and boost your holiday budget.

A few quick spins of Holiday Hotel is guaranteed to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. The Wild and Scatter cards will make you even happier when they open the door to a sudden win. The Prime Paytable gives you a full run down of all the winning combinations and bonus boosting extras that make Holiday Hotel such a fun slots game. Your next click could make you rich!

Prime Jackpots come in all shapes and sizes – from a cool £5,000 to a life changing £100,000. You never know when the next spin will flash up on the screen as a major win, but plenty of our lucky players have won huge prizes with a single bet. Hit the Prime Jackpot today with Holiday Hotel and you could be spending next weekend in your own 5 Star hotel anywhere in the world!




There’s an exciting new game out at Prime ScratchCards – and it’s one everybody will recognise!

Monopoly x3 is based on the great family board game where players buy streets and install houses and hotels. You can’t charge other players rent in this fun scratch card version of Monopoly but you can win some serious money. There are 6 lines to scratch and a crazy £100,000 Prime Jackpot as a top prize. Anybody who ever played the original game will feel right at home with the winning symbols on the scratch panels; this game will be a real trip down memory lane for a lot of players!











You can play Monopoly x3 for as little as 25p a line or if you want a fast game hit Max Lines and aim for the biggest Jackpots – the cash prizes here are real!

Monopoly x3 is our first release of the Autumn and we’ve a feeling it’s going to be a big hit! It’s got everything that it takes to make a perfect scratch card; a fun theme, plenty of lines to choose from, loads of cash prizes and a fantastic design. Monopoly x3 is really easy and fast to play and anybody can get the hang of it in seconds.












You can be the 1st Big Winner with Monopoly x3 this weekend. Take a break from the bad weather and get down to some serious scratch card fun. There’s £100,000 at stake so it really does pay to pass Go!

Look out for even more great new games over the coming months; we’ve got some superb surprises in store for you at Prime ScratchCards – it’s all happening here this autumn!


Monopoly©1935,2011 HASBRO. All Rights Reserved

Play Fantastic Four – New Game!

3 Massive Jackpots!







The most exciting new game on the internet is finally here. Fantastic Four is out today – and it comes with a superb bonus package that will boost your balance before you even start playing! 

Fantastic Four is an ultra high powered 5 reel, 25 line slots game, based on some superb Marvel Comics characters. There are an amazing 5 BONUS ROUNDS and 3 HUGE JACKPOTS, plus all kinds of other surprises, including loads of free slots games. This is a seriously hardcore slots game that delivers fast and exciting action, and a lot of cash prizes!

Check your Inbox!

There are some great bonuses – but it’s a limited one day offer – so you need to deposit today to get cashed up and play for the 3 massive Jackpots. Mr Fantastic will give you a 20% bonus on up to 4 deposits and your 5th deposit will earn a special Invisible Woman bonus!













Fantastic Four is one of the most exciting slots games that you’ll play this year, and it’s predicted to make a number of lucky players very, very happy. There are going to be some Big Winners this weekend. The games at Prime ScratchCards are just getting better and better, and the great news is that there are even more jackpot generating super games on the way. Summer might almost be over, but we’ve got a full schedule of top quality new releases lined up for the autumn and winter.










Remember to check your Inbox and get your action packed cash bonuses. If you’re not registered at Prime ScratchCards – you’re missing out…

Get Ready for a Great Month!

Get Ready for a Great Month

At Prime ScratchCards!

September is here, it might already feel like a cold, wet autumn; but that won’t stop us having fun at Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got some outstanding new games coming up over the next few weeks, and we’re already looking ahead to Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas – and we’re thinking big. There are going to be some exciting competitions, special promos and free raffles right through the autumn and winter!

Be the 1st Big Winner with Cubis!

New game Cubis is already a smash hit with scratch card fans, but nobody has smashed the massive Prime ScratchCards Jackpot. Thousands of players keep on winning Instant Cash Prizes, but no one hit the BIG one – yet. We’ve a feeling that could change very soon, which means that you could be the 1st Big Winner on Cubis!

Cubis is a superb game that will have you hooked from your 1st click. It’s fast moving, exciting and full of surprises. The graphics are astounding and the game controls are simple and easy to use. Cubis can pay out up to 50,000 coins for a single bet and the screen literally explodes with cash prizes. These multi coloured cubes are worth money; all you have to do is click and watch them fall into place. Cubis plays with 15 paylines, Wild Cubes, Bomb Cubes and Dice. Any game can suddenly spin all the way to a massive payout!

Check out the Prime Paytable!

There’s a serious Prime Paytable for Cubis. It can send your winnings through the roof just when you least expect it. Look out for the winning symbols that could make you rich!
We’ve got a lot of good things in store for you this month at Prime ScratchCards. Remember to check your Inbox for all the latest news and bonus codes. Join the fun on Facebook and you’ll also be the first to hear about new games and competitions!

Don’t Forget to Change the Clocks!

British Summer Time officially ends on Sunday morning – though it feels like it really ended months ago.  All the clocks in the UK will be going back an hour on Sunday morning. The good news is that this means an extra hour in bed, though it’s a pity it didn’t fall on Monday morning! It also means that you’ve got an extra hour to play all your favourite top quality games at Prime ScratchCards; and no excuses for not scooping up some INSTANT CASH PRIZES or maybe even becoming our next BIG WINNER….

Whatever the weather, autumn is definitely not a dreary time at Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got loads of fun and excitement lined up all the way to Christmas and the New Year; the next couple of months will be fantastic!


The next big date on the calendar is Halloween and our very own Prime Witch Esmeralda will be out and about, casting spells, cooking up potions in her cauldron and handing out some serious CASH PRIZES!

There will also be some special promotions and surprise prizes for some of our lucky players – so keep your eyes open over the next few days….

There’ll also be more than just fireworks for Bonfire Night this year as we launch some great free competitions and even more freebies all the way up to Christmas – which is only 8 weeks away! There are going to be some great opportunities for all our players over the next few months as we ramp up the fun and launch several great New Games.

If the cold and the wet are getting you down, log into Prime ScratchCards and take a break from it all with over 100 superb games and thousands of INSTANT CASH PRIZES every day. You could be the Lucky Winner who hits the


Just 8 weeks to go………

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to put your clocks back on Sunday!

Get Ready for an Exciting October!

Get Ready for an Exciting October

At Prime ScratchCards!

October begins this weekend and it’s going to be an exciting month at Prime ScratchCards. We’ll be getting off to a flying start by announcing the winner of the amazing Superstar Showdown that’s been running right through September. One of our lucky players will be £15,000 richer next week! If you took part in this fantastic free competition you could be that winner; we’ve a feeling that there’ll be some excited scratch card fans out there this weekend.  With just 3 months until Christmas £15,000 is going to come at just the right time for somebody…

Brand New Games!

We launched some great new games this month and got a really enthusiastic reaction to them from our players; Joker Poker has already got people hooked and Alfredo has been a big hit with his cash kitchen.  The good news is that there are even more games ready to be launched right through October. Our Design Team has been working overtime to bring you the very best new Flash Games. We can’t say too much about the new games yet, but the rumour is that one will be a very exciting fantasy game and one will feature a massive superstar!

Alfredo Cooks Up a Massive PRIME JACKPOT!

Anybody who’s already a Prime ScratchCards fan will know that we don’t launch new games without some top quality promotions to go with them. Stand by for some fun and exciting Free Competitions, Great Give Aways and Free Money to play our new games with. We’re ready for some BIG WINNERS this autumn!

As you get ready for some October Surprises at Prime ScratchCards, there’s still a chance to be the 1st Lucky Player to hit a Massive


Playing September’s new games; Alfredo, Joker Poker and Shoot ‘n Score!

Shoot ‘n Score!

Shoot a £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Basketball just arrived at Prime ScratchCards in the form of Shoot ‘n Score – a fantastic new Flash Game that gives you up to 5 chances to put the ball through the net and win a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Our Very Latest Sports Game

We’ve been launching New Games right through September at Prime ScratchCards; and there’s no way we’re leaving our sports fans out of the fun. Shoot ‘n Score is a great arcade version of basketball that allows you to test your skill and nerve with up to five throws at a time. You’ll win an Instant Cash Prize every time you put the ball through the hoop – that could mean 5 wins per game!

It’s really easy to play Shoot ‘n Score, all you have to do is decide how many shots you want to take and how much you want to bet. Click PLAY then click either SHOOT or SHOOT ALL and watch the ball fly towards the net. The Instant Cash Prizes just keep on coming…

Remember: you can play Shoot ‘n Score for just 25p a shot!

If you like Shoot ‘n Score be sure to check out the other great Sports Games at Prime ScratchCards; there’s football, darts, bowling, horse racing and many more to chose from.  We’re always ready for sports action, so you can play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Check back later to get a preview of the amazing new games and special promotions lined up for release right through October at Prime ScratchCards. It’s going to be a great autumn for scratch card fans!

Coming Soon at Prime ScratchCards

Coming Soon at Prime ScratchCards

A Look Ahead

The next big date at Prime ScratchCards is the Summer Bank Holiday, after that it’s just 4 months until Christmas.  But that doesn’t mean that the autumn is going to be boring!

We’ve got at least 4 new games lined up for release in September plus some great competitions and promotions. There are rumours in the office that October will be all about Halloween with a special creepy theme and some fantastic prizes to go with it…

There’s already a Prime Witch (and no shortage of monsters) who could be very busy as Halloween approaches!

Meet Esmeralda

Esmeralda is the Prime Witch who can cast a £100,000 spell!

And if she can’t get the job done, this lot definitely can….

Get Ready for Fireworks

After Halloween, the next event on the Prime Calendar will be Bonfire Night. We’re already planning a big competition and possibly a Brand New Game. You can stay one step ahead of the competition by joining Prime ScratchCards on Facebook and being the 1st to know about all the Great Give Aways, special deals and latest promotions. All you have to do is click:

Play the Featured Games Memory Madness and Esmeralda Right Now