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Game of the Month!


£2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

November’s GAME OF THE MONTH at Prime ScratchCards is Christmas Joy. This didn’t exactly come as a surprise to us, because any game with an enormous TWO MILLION POUNDS Prime Jackpot is bound to attract a lot of players!

Even though it’s not quite December and there’s still just under 4 weeks until Christmas, it seems like scratch card fans are already in the mood for some seasonal action. We’ve had some amazing feedback about this great game and although nobody’s won the life changing £2,000,000  Top Prize yet, we’ve already paid out THOUSANDS every day in Instant Cash Prizes.

Not only does Christmas Joy deliver a huge £2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT it’s loads of fun to play. There’s something about classic scratch cards and the way that one scratch can reveal an Instant Cash Prize that never gets boring.

Christmas Joy is really easy and very simple to play. If you want to play for the Big Prize all you have to do is choose how many pairs of Christmas Tree decorations you want to bet on and click PLAY.

We’ve got a lot planned for the Christmas Season at Prime ScratchCards there will be some superb special offers, free competitions, great give aways and all kinds of festive surprises for our players. Make sure you check back regularly; you’ll need to be the 1st to know about what we offering if you want to get the most out of our Christmas Bonanza!

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Try your Luck with the Tiger

Challenge the Tiger

At Prime ScratchCards!

We’re continuing our Far Eastern theme this weekend with the fantastic Scratch Card game Tiger Mahjong. We’ve taken this classic Chinese  game and created an exciting 21st century online version that allows you to win an amazing


For anybody who never played Mahjong before; here’s a quick run down of what it’s all about:

Mahjong was invented in China at least 100 years ago and is usually played by 4 people using 136 tiles or counters. The tiles are beautifully painted with numbers or symbols. The idea is to form hands from the tiles and score points.

Tiger Mahjong is a much simpler and faster version of this complex game. It’s designed to be fun and easy to play and the Instant Cash Prizes keep on coming.

If you want to try for a Massive PRIME JACKPOT with Tiger Mahjong all you have to do is click to choose your line price (you can play up to 3 lines at once) then try to match a pair of tiles. There’s also a bonus tile which could DOUBLE YOUR WIN!

Did You Know?

That in many parts of China and Asia the Tiger is seen as a symbol of wealth. That’s just one reason why Tiger Mahjong could be a very lucky game…..

Remember: you can play Tiger Mahjong for just 25p a card!

We hope you’ll have a great weekend. If you enjoy Tiger Mahjong, why not continue with our Far Eastern theme and try some other top quality games like Sudoku Panda, Dragon’s Gold and Sakura Garden!

Bye the way, nobody’s won the HUGE £2,000,000 Top Prize on Christmas Joy yet. If you’re going to play this weekend, it’s DEFINITELY worth spending some time on this amazing game. It could make you a millionaire – twice over!


Keep Smiling and Have a Fun Weekend!

Keep Smiling and Have a Fun Weekend

With Prime ScratchCards!

Sometimes you just have to relax and have fun. At Prime ScratchCards we’ve got loads of games that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and leave you in a good mood this weekend. It doesn’t matter if you like Classic Scratch Cards, Slots, Casino Games or something even more adventurous – we’ve got it all. So why not take a break this weekend and treat yourself to a chance to have some fun and maybe hit the big time while you’re at it!

By ‘big time’ we mean amazing PRIME JACKPOTS that range from a cool £100,000 to an awesome


You can now win up to 2 MILLION POUNDS with a single click of your mouse….

Forget about the cold weather and treat yourself to some fun and excitement at Prime ScratchCards where the Instant Cash Prizes just keep on coming and you could be just 1 card away from a massive surprise!

The countdown to Christmas has already begun, with great games like Christmas Joy and Christmas already making a big impact in the prize lists.

Be a winner this weekend and you could really be celebrating in style next month. A lot of our players have told us that if they manage to win a PRIME JACKPOT before Christmas, they’re going away for the holidays. About half want to drop everything and fly away somewhere hot. But a few adventurous people are talking about flying up to Lapland or taking an Arctic Cruise and checking out the places where Father Christmas is supposed to hang out.


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